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“ICS is committed to developing long lasting partnerships with our local businesses and non-profit agencies to place our people with disabilities, youths, adults, 50+, Veterans back into the workforce. ICS believes in inspiring businesses to give back to their community. ICS also provides businesses with resources they can utilize to attract, hire, retain qualified candidates. “


Get consulting on employment laws, unemployment benefits, staffing, job matching, & more.


We are versatile speakers suitable for numerous business and networking events as well as conferences or training sessions. 



Get customized programs that increase productivity, communication, & ROI.


Working together to align your business culture with the right professionals to create a dynamic team.

Do you have the desire to create an inclusive and diverse workforce?  ICS has the solution.

ICS provides employers with pre-screened and qualified candidates ready to join your team.  Our 30 minute Pre-screening is at no cost, saving companies time and money.   We are committed to selecting the right candidates who are eager and capable of meeting the requirements of the job. 

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ICS staff will inform and educate our partnered employers about government tax credits received by hiring a diverse workforce.  Employers may save thousands of dollars per employee through federally funded employer incentive programs.


Our Staff will provide follow along services, job coaching for job retention and provide any accommodations required. 



Community Based Assessment (CBA) is an exciting program that allow employers to evaluate the ability and skills of potential employees without cost to them. This allows clients to build on valuable work experience that are beneficial priorities to an employer.


These assessments not only identify strengths and capabilities, but also help in identifying challenges that participants may face. In this manner, certain services and support are provided to address these challenges in order to help the individual become more successful.


Nevada’s Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation partners with more than 100 employers statewide to provide Community-Based Assessments for its client who have disabilities and want to work.


The CBA is based on both the individual’s and employer’s needs. The time frame ranges from 4-6 weeks or up to 100 work hours. There is no obligation on the part of the employer as the assessment may be terminated at any time. In addition, there is no obligation to offer the participant a permanent position for employment.


The Nevada’s Vocational Rehabilitation covers the participants wages and compensation. The wage is not a responsibility of the participating employer.



INNOVATION - Employees with disabilities have a unique set of experiences and abilities that can improve the workplace and enhance both products and services.

DIVERSITY - Disability adds to the efforts of a diversity workforce in the community. This also contributes to the development of creative business solutions.

CULTURE - Businesses can benefit and profit from employees who are valuable assets to the company. This brings in a talented pool of individuals who have high levels of performance with unique and marketable skills.


MARKETING – Customers with disabilities that include their families is a market of over 350,000 potential consumers that will purchase products and/or services that hire individuals with disabilities.

CULTURE – Employers demonstrate social responsibility by developing a workplace and hiring individuals with disabilities.



  • Small Businesses

  • Corporations

  • Non-Profits

  • Government agencies

  • Community Organizations

  • Churches & Religious organizations

  • Clark County School District (CCSD)


Employer Resources

  • Immediate Job Placement

  • Job Description Matching

  • Workplace Culture Assessment

  • One on One Meetings

  • Employee Retention

  • Developing an Inclusive and Diverse Workforce

  • Unemployment Insurance Information

  • Business Consulting


Employer Benefits

  • Conduct On site Meetings

  • Employer and Candidate Job Matching

  • Save Time and Money

  • Review Resumes

  • Less Risks

  • Faster Hiring

  • More Qualified Candidates

  • Industry Specialist

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